AMM-F1/F2 (FREEDOM SERIES) carburetor manifolds for the Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engine



New AMM-F1 and AMM-F2 FREEDOM-SERIES manifolds enable you to upgrade HD Milwaukee-Eight engines to carburetor for improved performance, efficiency and reliability.

Supported carburetors are Ultima R1, Ultima R2, S&S Super-B, S&S Super-D, S&S Super-E as well as S&S Super-G.

AMM-F1 manifold fits:

Ultima R1

S&S Super-G

S&S Super-D

AMM-F2 manifold fits:

Ultima R2

S&S Super-E

S&S Super-B

All AMM FREEDOM-SERIES manifolds feature a provision to install our AMM-L1 Precision Lambda-Regulator (shown below) for superior fuel-efficiency and emissions-performance.

Compatible ignition systems with this setup include our AMM-P3M8 as well as AMM-P2 and AMM-P1 universal-performance systems.


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