There's a 300B growing in my DAC! ...


Hello Charles,


I've finally applied the Tube-O-Lator on my DAC chips this past

Saturday. I used it on the DAC (AD1865N), input receiver (CS8414) and

another chip that I'm not sure what it does but it was on the digital

circuit between the two first chips I just mentioned. My current DAC is

a Audio Note DAC 1.2 kit with a bunch of parts upgrades including Black

Gates, Tantalum, Caddok and Mills resistors and Auricaps bypasses, and

some nice NOS 6922's as well...


Man, this stuff is big! It really removed that last edginess I was

trying to get read of all this time... The Tube-O-Lator is still curing

and the sound is still changing but the background noise went down big

time and everything sounds more natural and full. Imaging was also

greatly enhanced. And my car's SS amplified CD changer never sounded

better... :-) Yes, I've noticed that "ear memory" phenomena also, but

nobody never understood me...


In anyway, I'll write some good stuff about it when I get some time and

when the Tube-O-Lator cures completely. Writing about its effects in

sound isn't that easy, I guess you have to have mature ears to

appreciate what it does fo digitally recorded music...


I'll be moving to a new house soon so I might be busy painting walls

listening to cheap boom-box sound, but I'll try to let people know about

it. This is big!


Congratulations on your Tube-O-Lator, you got golden ears, no doubt

about it.


I might need some more...