This overview covers ALTMANN MICRO MACHINE's ignition systems AMM-P1, AMM-P2, AMM-P3, AMM-P3M8, AMM-IMMOGNITION and AMM-P4

AMM ignition systems are made in Germany and come with a 5 years warranty.

AMM-P1 UNIVERSAL-PERFORMANCE for all 1..12 cylinder engines

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The universal ignition-system for all kinds of engines.

Standard applications include 1 throuth 12 cylinder (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) V- or straight engines. Its 32-bit high-speed architecture making it probably not only the most precise but surely most versatile ignition today, designed to make old (-timer) engines perform like they never could before. Eminently suited for vintage race cars and motorcycles. The AMM-P1 sports 256 advance curves that can be accessed without computer, but by 2 simple rotary switches (green and yeloow), from the drivers seat, meaning comfortable and total access to engine performance in real-time. The green switch increaes/decreases max advance, the yellow switch increases/decreases low end curve rise. Laid out to work like a volume knob: right=more advance/faster-rise, left=less advance/slower-rise.

AMM-P1 generally works from a cam-sensor that either already is fitted on the engine, or our own sensor that you can add to your engine yourself. On 1, 2 and 4-cylinder engines the sensor interface can also be driven by crank-speed.

AMM-P2 for all V2 engines with cam-driven sensor

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This is a sub-version of the AMM-P1 that covers all V2 engines (and V2 engines only) but adds a rev-limiter that is selectable in 200 rpm steps going from 5000 to 8000 rpm. It features the same precision adjustments like the AMM-P1. AMM-P2 works from cam-sensor only. It can be used in dual-fire and single-fire modes which are adressed fully automatically by connecting the matching sensor(s). AMM-P2 supports all V-angles i.e. 42° Indian, 45° Harley-Davidson, Buell, 60°, 90° Ducati, Moto-Guzzi and any even or odd numbers in between and outside, except 180° (this is covered by the AMM-P1). Suitable for all Harley-Davidson engines with cam- interface (1939 .. 2000). Fits lall later HD engines too, if cam-interface is added.

See below, Roland Sands 'El Camino' custom-bike with Indian Thunderstroke engine, powered by the AMM-P2 ignition system which is mounted on top of coil between the cylinders:


AMM-P3 for all Harley-Davidson Twincam, '04-up Sportster, '08-up Buell, EVO engines with crank-sensor

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Designed for Harley-Davidson Twincam engine (around 1999 .. 2019) Fits all model-years of the twincam style engine regardless of size. Eminently suited for EFI (electronic fuel injection) to carburetor upgrade / conversion. Also fits all 2004 and up Sportster engines and all 2008 and up Buell engines. Also fits all Evolution engines that were originally equipped with EFI. HD-style crank-interface only.

AMM-P3M8 for all Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engines

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Designed for Harley-Davidson Milwauke-Eight (M8) engine. Fits all model-years of the M8 engine regardless of size. Eminently suited for EFI (electronic fuel injection) to carburetor upgrade / conversion. HD-style crank-interface only.


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The first Harley-Davidson ignition with an integrated immobilizer, suitable for all HD 1936 .. 2000 models. Out of production. Superseded by AMM-P2.


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Control unit for electric vehicles that use DC-motors.


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